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Products with high quality product photography look better and will almost always have higher conversion rates.

We have all heard the saying a Photo is worth a thousand words. In todays competitive market that is more true than ever. Your Product photos are the connection between you and your customers. They are your chance to shine the best possible light on what you have worked so hard to achieve.  You have invested your time and money in developing your brand, products, designing the packaging and your inventory.

E-commerce studies have consistently shown that Products Photos are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to successful online sellers. Most websites selling products have conversion rates in the range of 1% to 4%. This means that for every 100 potential customers viewing your products 99 to 96 are likely not buying. Yes you can keep spending more and more on bringing traffic to your website or Amazon listings, but the key is optimizing and monetizing the visitors you already have. To do this make sure your website is user friendly and you have great photos. Product Photos show off the features and highlights of your product. Product descriptions should be clear and include all relevant information.If you are unsure if your Product Photography can be improved contact us and we will conduct a free review of your current product photos.

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