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The Team

Who We Are



Founder & CEO
My primary focus is Product Photography. My Images are fresh and dynamic. I maintain a cool and relaxed approach to life and photography and I’m at my best when I’m behind the camera. I’m blessed with a supporting wife, and 2 beautiful little girls, who are the light of my life.


Studio Manager & Photographer

After spending over 22 years working for different businesses as a photographer, Chad,  found her niche at Product Photo Shooting in product photography, photographing the products in interesting ways to give clients exceptional images.

Your technical mastery and artistic vision consistently produce stunning photographs. Through your lens, you capture the essence and beauty of every product, transforming them into captivating visual stories.

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Graphic Designer & Retouch Specialist

Sed  joined the Product Photo Shooting  team in 2014. Sed is an Turkish High-end Post Production and Graphic Designer with more than ten years of experience. Sed,  specializes in e-commerce, magazines, and still life image retouching. * I love my work, you can see the passion I have with every product I retouch

Your meticulous work in post-production brings the final polish to our images. With your expertise in enhancing details, perfecting colors, and ensuring consistency, you add the finishing touch that elevates our photographs to a whole new level.


Professional Male Model

Max, working with our team since 2018 . He is  working with us full time model

Your ability to embody the spirit of our clients' brands is truly remarkable. Your talent and versatility bring life and authenticity to our imagery, making it relatable and engaging for our audience.

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Professional Female Model

Betty joined our team in 2016 so she is  working with us a full time model


Dog Model

Waffle joined our team in 2019  so he is working with us for your dog products

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